Algorithmic Trading Module

Straticator Algo Trading Module is a professional tool for building algorithmic trading strategies. Direct market access and low latency order handling, working together with our powerful algo trading engine, low latency price feeds and charts, gives traders the optimal environment for algo trading and ensures that all executions and modifications are handled to perfection.

A sophisticated engine built for simple strategy and algorithm engineering.

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Algo Trading

Plug n Play Algo Trading

Straticator’s ‘plug and play’ algo-trading functionality allows traders to ‘Plug’ into an algorithm from other traders who have shared their algo in the Straticator Algo Community. Activate the “robot” to instantly begin trading.

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Straticator Scripting Language:

The algo is basing its trading decisions on a simple script and technical indicators (e.g. MACD, RSI, STO etc.). Variables and parameters are defined by the trader using an easy understandable scripting language – you don’t have to hold a degree to utilize your strategies – only basic mathematical understanding.

Straticator Script enables you to write business logic where you can refer to the values of the indicators and prices. Based upon these values, you can make decision whether to open or close a position or stay neutral. The programming language can also be used to write personal indicators from scratch or modify a result of a built-in indicator, thus creating a new indicator. The Straticator Script is based on JavaScript, which is the most commonly used language for programming web solutions. If you know JavaScript, Java or C# you will find Straticator Script straight forward.

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