Allocation Management Module

Straticator CopyTrading allows you to copy the trades of other traders who trade with the broker you are with plus special Straticator professional traders. Traders who take the lead are called CopyMasters and the traders who follow are called Followers.

Once you have viewed and are satisfied with the performance and/or profile of the trader you want to copy you simply create a sub-account under your existing master account and copy that trader.

When the CopyMaster makes a trade your sub-account immediately follows that trade into the market and you have full view of the position plus you can even close the trade yourself without losing the new copy trades. So when a new progressive trade is made by the CopyMaster you automatically follow but you are at any time you able to decrease your exposure as much as you want.

The benefits are obviously additional profit for your account but also that you are able to gain exposure to markets you may not usually take an interest in, so is educational for you at the same time.

You will also be able to get in contact with the CopyMaster you are following through the new Straticator InstantMessenger.

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