Money never sleeps – access the trading floor from anywhere at any time. We are introducing our new mobile trader for Windows Phone and iOS.

Expect more from mobile trading. Our goal was to build a mobile trader that would give you the freedom to make vital decisions – straight from your phone. Highly secure, but with no limits.

Our clients are thrilled – and so are we.

Download now!

Dashboard for easy overview on the go

Our dashboard gives you a complete overview of your equity, balance,
margin, exposure, positions, orders and trades. Make sure
everything is on track from this simple overview.

Timing is everything!

Stay in control at all times. Place orders with the full flexibility
and parameters you know from the webtrader. Instantly see effects
of your trades before placing orders.

The financial markets in your pocket

View and trade all instruments from our simple watchlist with real-
time price feed. We supply all the tools required to make vital
decisions and react immediately to trends in the market.

Use any mobile device

Straticator Mobile Trader will be available on all major platforms,
including Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.
Offering you the freedom to trade from anywhere!