Straticator API is a “client without a user interface”. If you can imagine that you a sitting with your browser open and you have logged into Straticator. Here you can now see prices, account status, query reports and place orders and many other tasks. All these task you perform, are done with the click of the mouse and then “behind the scene” some software is taking care of talking to the Straticator server. That software is the Straticator API. When you have the Straticator API, you will also need Microsoft Visual Studio and then you can create you own “client”. This client could be a trading robot, which you write in C#, or it could be an interface to your favorite analysis tool. With Straticator API you have endless possibilities…

6 different APIs in Straticator:

  • User API
  • Trading API
  • Account API
  • Price Markup API
  • Leverage Group API
  • PriceFeed API

Getting Started with the API

Download our Straticator API and our Demo Application now. Our Demo Application is a WPF application written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio and the Straticator API. The download comes with the full VS-Project inclusive source code for the Demo Application.


Downloads & Documentation

We provide a Trading Application Program Interface (API) and User API that can be used as services to create alternative platforms:

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