Straticator is a powerful web-based multi-asset trading platform. With features such as advanced algo-trading, copy-trading, allocation management, complete back office and advanced charting, you are guaranteed to find Straticator easy to use straight out of the box – whether you are a tech wizard or just want to start trading instantly. We have worked even harder to listen to our clients and Straticator  is the result of close collaboration with our brokers and their clients. Expect more.

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Algorithmic Trading Module

Straticator Algo Trading Module is a professional tool for building algorithmic trading strategies. Direct market access and low latency order handling, working together with our powerful algo trading engine and low latency price feeds and charts, gives traders the optimal environment for algo trading, ensuring that all executions and modifications are handled to perfection.

A sophisticated engine built for simple strategy and algorithm engineering.

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Allocation Management Module

Straticator Money Manager is an innovative allocation management module for professional money managers and investors. Our Money Manager is based on LAMM (Lot Allocation Management Module) and PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module). The Money Manager varies from ordinary money management modules in that neither access nor insight into investors’ accounts and funds are given to the money manager.

Our Money Manager allows investors to follow market proffesionals.
We have redefined social trading.

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Charting – Supreme tools, superior insights

More than ever before, Straticator offers even more control and flexibility when analysing trends and trade opportunities. Choose from a vast library with over 80 indicators, tools and variables for when analysing in real time. Customize colous, bullet types and visual appearance to suit your personal needs.

Easily identify buy/sell signals and bullish/bearish trends in the marketplace.

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Back Office

Straticator is a front to back online trading platform which includes an integrated backend. The front end allows end users and dealers to trade and manage order flow. The back end allows the brokers’ back office to manage accounts, positions, cash etc. Instruments, price feeds, rollovers and more, are also managed from the back end. The administrators of the back end can setup various filters and access rights for its users.

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Straticator API

Straticator can use its API to stream quotes directly from the banks, enabling the clients and partners to tap into a liquidity pool provided by some of the top tier FX banks in the world. Straticator API is the DLL that makes the services of Straticator available to the client. The client can use these services to create a different platform based on the same logic.

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Hosted Solution

Our servers and services are hosted in highly reliable data centers with a secure physical location, superior redundancy and minimal operational risk, ensuring industry standard compliance.
You benefit from industry-leading Quality of Service levels and SLAs, with high-availability, and 24/7 security and support.
We offer co-location connectivity to liquidity venues market data services in order to reduce latency. Benefit from our dedicated IT and Trade support team of industry professionals providing superior support and monitoring of all services.

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Market Depth Monitor

Straticator displays the full depth of book including quotes, volume and pips deviation. The depth monitor streams the best bid and offer from tier one liquidity providers, providing you with a real-time overview of the available liquidity.

  • Full depth in real-time
  • Streaming from tier one liquidity providers
  • Quotes, volume and pips deviation
  • Any currency pair

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