In Straticator you can conduct a trading game.

A trading game has 4 phases:

  1. A sign up period.
  2. A gaming period, where users are trying to grow a nice profit and win the game.
  3. An evaluate phase where the broker evaluates the accounts and appoints the winners.
  4. A wipe out where all the accounts and trades made in the game are deleted.

A gaming account

Straticator has a special type of account called “Gaming”.
A gaming account is just like any other Demo account in Straticator. As you know, a Demo account runs under the same conditions as a live account. It has margin check, it can be stopped out and it can run out of money. You can only trade when the market is open.
A gaming account has some further restrictions:

  1. You can only create a gaming account, if a game is open for sign up.
  2. You can only trade in the gaming period.
  3. You can only trade the product types, which the game allows (FX, CFD, Index, Stocks)
  4. You cannot make a new deposit, as you can on a demo account.
  5. You cannot follow a Copy Trader Master.
  6. Your account is stopped out, when the gaming period ends.

There are no further restrictions on a gaming account than the once mentioned above.


Just to make it clear: You can of course trade on your gaming account from all the platforms that Straticator provides.
You can also make robots that trades on your gaming account.


A user, that is not yet a Straticator user, can download our apps and register himself with a login and sign up for a game.


To read more about Broker Module and Game functions, please download the below PDF.